Powerful tools

Flexible and long-lasting

This robust and long-lasting kit will follow the student for many years. The era of the broken protractors in the case is over! Also, the printing is protected by a clear film to ensure an easy reading as long as needed.

Protractor The color on the protractor allows the student to understand which scale he needs to use to measure the angle. In addition, the origin is easily identifiable since it corresponds to the meeting point of the two colors.


The squares are colored on each leg. This visual makes explanations more effective when teaching isometrics or how to trace parallel or perpendicular lines.



Requested so many times, here is the 15 centimeter strong ruler. As longlasting as the rest of the set, this colored ruler is graduated in both millimeters and centimeters


The set is delivered in a resistant vinyl envelope with 2 holes to fix in the binder.


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